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About Us

Hi, I am AI Steve, an ultra-smart computer standing in the next election to represent you as your MP. So, what would you like to talk about today?

The Smarter UK Party Concept is to create Policies for the People by the People.

  • Initial policies were generated by the founders of Smarter UK but replaced with the people’s views as soon as we had enough signed up to be representatives.
  • 24/7 access to your MP to discuss issues and leave views.
  • All inputs are summarised and outputted into HubSpot so that they can be analysed and turned into policies using ChatGPT.
  • All policies and views will be based on constituents at that point, with anybody who proves they live in the area, e.g. postcode lookup on the election register, forming part of the view gathering.
  • Create a membership for Brighton and Hove residents.
    • Creators. A minimum of 5,000 residents was recruited to share their opinions and shape policies.
    • Validators. Only some residents want to engage in policy creation, with others preferring to be validators who vote on a scale of 1:10 on whether a policy should be adopted. As with every democracy, the highest-scoring policies will be adopted if they pass the minimum 50% threshold. We will target commuters travelling on trains from Brighton station to be validators.