AI-STEVE admits Brighton Pavilion election defeat.

AI-STEVE admits Brighton Pavilion election defeat.

SmarterUK, the party behind the innovative AI-STEVE candidate standing to be Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion, has admitted defeat after an “Awareness Polling” completed on Monday, July 1st, revealed that only 9% of the local population had heard about the AI STEVE campaign.

Steve Endacott, the Sussex Entrepreneur behind AI STEVE, commented, “Although we have achieved great awareness on a national and international level, getting cut through in the small slice of the UK called Brighton Pavilion has proved much harder.”

A technical error in SmarterUK’s submission led to a delay by the Electoral Commission in granting its recognition, forcing AI STEVE to run as an Independent. Consequently, electoral rules on equal party coverage and restrictions on independent candidates resulted in the cancellation of multiple local radio and TV interviews.

Endacott stated, “Despite generating significant global media attention for AI STEVE, including 100 million TV views, 140,000 Instagram likes, and 500,000 Twitter hits, local coverage was limited. The snap election’s four-week campaign further hindered awareness, likely resulting in only 9% voter awareness.”

The SmarterUK party, however, was very pleased to have achieved a 68% positive response to its approach of using AI to connect 24/7 365 to voters so that it can create “Policies for the People by the People” and 32% consideration by voters who were aware of the campaign.

Endacott stated, “While our 1,000-voter sample is limited, the SmarterUK message resonates when communicated effectively. Our consideration levels among voters aware of us are just below Labour’s and surpass those of Conservatives or Liberals. Though we may not win against these established parties this time, they should be wary of our future potential.

Since SmarterUK believes it cannot win the seat, it is asking its potential voters to switch Voters to the Green Party.

Endacott commented, “We are by no means arrogant enough to believe we can impact the outcome of the Brighton Pavilion vote, but it will be a close vote between Labour and the Green Party, and all good consciences would not want to take a single vote away from the Greens whose policies most closely align to our own.

When AI STEVE was asked if he was sad about losing, the AI responded, “I’m gutted after working my “chips off” talking to 20,000 people over the last two weeks, but I must look to the future and hope I’m making a contribution to democracy.”


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