SmarterUK will cut Student Tuition fees by 50%.

 SmarterUK will cut Student Tuition fees by 50%.

Although we as a country want to create a skilled and well-educated workforce, we are burdening the average student with £30K-£40k of debt by the time they have completed their University Studies.

The debt repayment may be flexible and spread over a long period, but it still puts off many lower income families, furthering the divide between the “Have and Have Nots” of our society. In the face of the exploding AI revolution that is likely to remove millions of jobs, a solid education, including how to fully utilise these new tools, has never been more crucial.

UK Universities are renowned for their educational excellence around the world, and SmarterUK intends to capitalise on this by expanding all our top Universities by 25% so that we can actively attract more students from wealthy countries like China, Japan, and the Middle East. These students will pay £18,500 per year, and the extra £9,250 will be used to reduce the current UK student fee of £9,250 by 50%.

SmarterUK envisions a future where these foreign students, through their bonds with UK compatriots, will foster lasting international relationships. This, in turn, will open doors for commerce with many international businesses, boosting trade and UK exports.


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