SmarterUK’s views on labour policies.

SmarterUK’s views on labour policies.

The SmarterUK have reviewed the top 10 policies put forward by labour and in general have found a lot of common ground at a “Strategic Level” but have been very dissappointed in the quality and detail of planning behind these policies.

Labour seems to be lazily relying on positioning itself as the Party of “Change” just because it is not the Conservative government that has been in power for 14 years. This is either because it doesn’t have any detailed plans or because it is too afraid to present the truth and financial cost of these plans to the UK votes when it thinks it will be elected by just staying quiet.

Labour NHS Policies – Deliver two million more NHS appointments a year.

    Smarter UK applauds the sentiment behind this aim but believes that improving efficiency increasing the number of staff will be far more effective than continuing to “Burn out” already overworked staff by offering weekend overtime.

    • Energy Policy

    The labour party proposes to set up “Great British Energy”, a new publicly owned energy company to cut bills and boost energy security, funded by a windfall tax on oil and gas giants.

    SmarterUK is fully supportive of moving the UK to cleaner energy sources controlled by the UK Government, and as such, the setting up of the “Great British Energy Company seems logical. However, there is a shocking lack of detail from a party likely to be elected to Government is worrying.

    SmarterUK would focus its efforts on increasing nuclear power by deploying the new Rolls Royce Mini power stations at all UK airports, as they have existing security measures and are located at diverse points across the national grid.

    Secondly, we would reduce emissions from gas-powered electric power stations by installing “Carbon Extraction” Technology.

    • Add VAT to Private Education

    Labour is proposing to tax the rich to educate the poor by imposing 20% VAT on private education.

    SmarterUK opposes this policy, as freedom of choice over how people spend their hard-earned income is fundamental to our democracy. The UK already taxes higher earners more via income tax, and if they opt out of public education, they reduce the burden on this system whilst still paying their share of the cost. Further taxation is unjustified in our opinion.

    • Bring back the family doctor and improve local NHS care.

    Commendable ambition but with a shocking lack of detail on achieving this. SmarterUK will cut red tape by using AI to create a “health passport” for every individual, which, combined with current systems, will allow doctors to diagnose illnesses more efficiently. SmarterUK would also use “Video Conferencing” technology to make it easier for parents to access doctors efficiently for more minor ailments or follow-up appointments.

    • Stop water company bosses from receiving bonuses when their firms harm the environment.

    This is a complete “no Brainer” and is 100% supported by the SmarterUK Party.

    • Illegal Immigration.

    Labour intends to end the use of hotels for asylum seekers by clearing the backlog, hiring more staff, and creating a new cross-border police unit to combat people-smuggling gangs.

    SmarterUK supports both this and the Conservative policy of implementation of flights to Rwanda as dealing with illegal immigration and implementing a controlled form of immigration is clearly what most UK voters want.

    • Dealing with violence against women.

    Labour intends to provide greater support for victims of violence against women, including rape units in every police force, specialist advisors, and fast-track courts.

    SmarterUK fully supports this policy.

    • Introduce a new “fiscal lock” to secure economic stability and prevent events like Liz Truss’ disastrous mini-budget

    SmarterUK fully supports this policy.

    • Raise the minimum wage to a genuine living wage that accounts for the cost of living.

    SmarterUK fully supports this policy.

    1. Establish free breakfast clubs in every primary school in England.

    SmarterUK fully supports this policy.


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